Janice Galloway

Every page has you tipping your hat and staring into space at what language can help create... Staggeringly well done. Observer.


Janice Galloway is one of the UK's most versatile and gifted writers, author of novels, short stories, non-fiction, collaborative works with visual artists and musicians, opera libretti and prose-poetry. She is currently a Fellow at Otago University, New Zealand, appearing there and in Auckland, Wellington and Northlands during her stay.

Here are links and resources for readers, students and anybody interested in books, alongside YouTube content, music, radio pieces and interview materials. Feel free to suggest new resources or relevant links. Upcoming appearances and news on the EVENTS page, including latest appearances in August during Festival month in Edinburgh.

Questions about her work for Janice’s radio appearance on WORLD BOOK CLUB during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow from readers around the world are welcomed from the BBC - until July 20th: contact

worldbookclub@bbc.co.uk     worldbookclub@bbc.co.uk     worldbookclub@bbc.co.uk 

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